More from Rajasthan

I have loved the past couple of days!  Pushkar was amazing.  We loved it so much we decided to stay three nights.   By the last day it seemed we knew all the locals, tourists and monkeys in the entire town!  From Pushkar, we took a 6 hour train to Udaipur, amptly named Venice of the East and known as the most romantic city in India.  It’s amazing!  Below are some pictures from both Pushkar and Udaipur.  Enjoy!  I know we are!

Our first night in Pushkar-- beautiful full moon over Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake-- according to Hindu belief the lotus flower dropped here and created all man.

A hike through a farm town

Lys and I took a bike ride through a national park, a monkey village and then got chai!

Beautiful Udaipur

Jumping Boy

After our sunrise hike up-- Maire over looking Pushkar

We took a boat to Pichola Palace and caught a superb sunset!

We had time for a jam sesh at Mango Tree!


About heremethere

Last October Alysa and I were gchatting about wanting to do something with our lives-- she was living in Toronto and, although living it up and loving the city, was in need for a change. And I was in Los Angeles working on a very stressful campaign feeling like I was getting farther and farther from who I am. So we started gchatting about going on a long trip. To South America, maybe. To Europe, probably not. To Asia, bingo! And what do you know, we actually are doing it! So here we are, traveling around (at least this is what we set out thinking) India, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Let's see where we end up...
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2 Responses to More from Rajasthan

  1. Nathaly P. says:

    Amazing!!! These pics are beautiful. Definitely gonna be stealing the one of the Taj–it’s perfect 🙂

  2. krista says:

    these are so fantastic — the colors and the action are so *real*! love you so much!

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