Himachal Pradesh: Valley of Gods

Despite being more sore than either Alysa or I bargained for, I have loved the last week. Manali just got better (please refer to Alysa’s post about the BOLLYWOOD star BEGGING us to hang out). Then we arrived to McLeod Ganj– home to the Tibeten Government in exile and the one-and-only Dalai Lama. Although ironically the Dalai Lama is in the United States at this moment, we still felt his presence everywhere. While here we tried to learn as much as possible about Buddhism and found ourselves at a Lama teaching and a conversation class; both proved wonderful ways to get to know this town.

The aspect of this trip that really defines our week here is: TREKKING. (Hence our soreness.) We ended up meeting and frankly depending on Heather for the majority of our time here. She was wonderful (thanks again!) and if she said “jump”, we jumped. So we tried the museli at Peace, we bargained down our adapter to 35Rs and, then, hiked two days straight up a mountain. For better and for worse, we tried. And we are both very proud of how far we got. About 17,000 feet UP for the record. Ok, so not quite to the top, but take into account my asthma, altitude sickness and stomach problems and Alysa’s basically-arthritic knees and never-ending head cold, we did alright! The pictures below just don’t do what we saw justice…

People Cafe in Manali (we didnt try their sushi…)



Lys and I walked the 10k to Slovang Valley... beautiful scenery!



Fields on our way to Slovang Valley



McLeod Ganj: the home of the Tibetan Gov't in exile (and the Dalai Lama!)






Prayer Flags over McLeod Ganj



Monk swimming next to a slogan we can all take part in...



We trekked up to Triund and had a campfire in the clouds with some very wonderful people


Snowling-- the higher campground in the sky :)


Us and Heather, our fearless mountain guide (we love you Heather; see you on the AT :))



Just me and the ole Himalaya



Make a wish...



us and our adopted dog!



About heremethere

Last October Alysa and I were gchatting about wanting to do something with our lives-- she was living in Toronto and, although living it up and loving the city, was in need for a change. And I was in Los Angeles working on a very stressful campaign feeling like I was getting farther and farther from who I am. So we started gchatting about going on a long trip. To South America, maybe. To Europe, probably not. To Asia, bingo! And what do you know, we actually are doing it! So here we are, traveling around (at least this is what we set out thinking) India, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Let's see where we end up...
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4 Responses to Himachal Pradesh: Valley of Gods

  1. krista says:

    it looks amazing, miss! i can’t wait to see the rest of the 10,000 pictures i am sure you have taken! love you and talk to you thursday!

  2. lauren says:

    AMAZING!! love you bff

  3. james says:

    Omg i am so jealous!

  4. Randrews says:

    LOVE THESE PICTURES. Can’t wait to see alllllllll your pics. I may have to make an entire weekend of it when we celebrate your return ❤ you

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