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Last October Alysa and I were gchatting about wanting to do something with our lives-- she was living in Toronto and, although living it up and loving the city, was in need for a change. And I was in Los Angeles working on a very stressful campaign feeling like I was getting farther and farther from who I am. So we started gchatting about going on a long trip. To South America, maybe. To Europe, probably not. To Asia, bingo! And what do you know, we actually are doing it! So here we are, traveling around (at least this is what we set out thinking) India, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Let's see where we end up...

Only in India…

Hello from Darjeeling!  The last two weeks have been full of special India-only experiences.  We were in Varanasi for Diwali, India’s holiest holiday in India’s holiest city.  And then we spent three days on a tea plantation staying with a … Continue reading

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Yoga, Yoga, Yoga

Namaste homies! Since I last posted Alysa and I have been happily camped in Rishikesh: the yoga capital of the world as the slogan goes. And we have been making that slogan our mantra. Speaking of mantras, we did a … Continue reading

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Himachal Pradesh: Valley of Gods

Despite being more sore than either Alysa or I bargained for, I have loved the last week. Manali just got better (please refer to Alysa’s post about the BOLLYWOOD star BEGGING us to hang out). Then we arrived to McLeod … Continue reading

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On to cooler pastures…

MANALI! The most spectacular stop yet! Hey peeps! Our Rajasthan circuit has come to an end, and sadly so has our time with Maire. It was SO great having her with us and we already miss her. Although now we … Continue reading

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And now for your listening pleasure: the “it” song of India!

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More from Rajasthan

I have loved the past couple of days!  Pushkar was amazing.  We loved it so much we decided to stay three nights.   By the last day it seemed we knew all the locals, tourists and monkeys in the entire town!  … Continue reading

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By the way, we’ve decided to spend the entire three months in India.  Sorry Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand– we’ll save you for 2012.  But India has captured our hearts this year.

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