Rajasthan Beginnings

Hey loved ones!  Our amazing journey has continued, and now Maire has joined us for the Rajasthan circuit.  Sadly, she has had a bit of Delhi Belly so has been taking it easy for the last three days, but I’m happy to report Pushkar seems to be curing her.  After two weeks of city hopping, we finally are slowing down a bit to enjoy this lovely, hippie town. According to Hindu belief, life on Earth b.egan at Pushkar when the lotus flower fell into the lake.  It’s a peaceful, spiritual town and is just what we have been craving!

Below, see pics from the last few days.  Ah, how lucky are we?!  We had the most beautiful day at the Taj Mahal.  And enjoyed gorgeous views in Jaipur.

We visited Akbar Tomb, outside of Agra. A group of Indian women posed for the camera--beautiful!

Boy at Bazaar at Agra

the TAJ-- more beautiful than I ever imagined

Just a couple of gals at the ole Taj

I mean, of course I'm going to post this one-- they're birds!

Full Moon over Jaipur from Amber Fort

Great Wall of India. At Amber Fort in Jaipur.

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Mumbai-bye, hello Delhi…

After spending 4 days in Mumbai, we were anxious to see another city.  Unfortunately Delhi is awful.   So we booked the first train out of there to Amritsar.  After three days in Amritsar, we’ve met some great people, stayed at a hippie hostel and, oh right, saw the world’s largest Sikh temple.  It is as incredible as its name sounds: Golden Temple.

Raj & Pali

Night-time Produce Market in Delhi

Main Bazaar, Delhi

Alysa overlooking Main Bazaar


We are quite popular in India 🙂

beautiful temple at night

pretty girl in front of the temple

Nightly Pakistani/Indian Border Closing Ceremony

Alysa at the Temple

Golden Temple


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Mumbai has been great!

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Day two in Mumbai

Hey people!  Sorry, no photo update today.  Just wanted to say that we made it and already in love with India.  The culture is amazing!  I hope to post more soon.  Until then, much love.

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I’m off to pick up Alysa from the bus stop!  This means the trip has officially begun!

Although, truthfully, it feels as those the journey began long ago.  Perhaps it started that first day we gchatted about this ‘crazy’ idea in October, or the day we bought our ticket, or that day long ago Alysa and I became friends.     

Needless to say, it’s been a long time coming.

Alysa & I (and Stephanie) circa 2003…

(ummmm, we’ve certainly grown up since this…hopefully)

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